FamilyWize Wellness Card

Here's the Problem

More than 138 million Americans are uninsured or underinsured and approximately 45 million Americans did not fill a needed prescription in 2016 due to cost.

Here's the Solution

13 million people have saved $1.5 billion on their medications with FamilyWize.

Facts About the FamilyWize Card
  • Free for everyone
  • No enrollment required
  • Use with or without insurance
  • Unlimited use
  • Covers all FDA approved medications
  • Accepted at pharmacies nationwide
  • Drug Price Lookup Tool

How It Works

Get your free card - available three different ways
  • Print an individual card from
  • Download the familywize app on your smart phone.
  • Call United Way of Robeson County at 910- 739-4249

Show your pharmacist the FamilyWize card every time you fill a prescription.

Get the lowest price possible-from FamilyWize, from the pharmacy or from your insurance.

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