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American Rescue Plan (ARP) Allocations Program

Robeson County Government and Lumber River United Way have partnered to provide relief to the Non-Profit sector organizations that suffered a loss (revenue decrease and/or expense increase) due to Covid-19. Preference to be given to organizations that are able to propose programs that ease the Education, Financial Stability, Health outcomes, and Basic Needs/Crisis services of the relief provided. Funding for this project was provided by the American Rescue Plan Act and the US Department of the Treasury through Robeson County Government with assistance of the United Way. APPLICATION DEADLINE TO APPLY IS FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2022

Applicants Requirements:

  • Must provide services within Robeson County limits and serve the identified Census Tract
  • Must be able to demonstrate financial hardship (revenue decrease and/or expense increase) due to COVID-19
  • Must have 501(c)(3)
  • Must serve eligible populations with services chosen by a committee
  • Must be requesting funds for a loss not covered by other ARP allocations
  • Must be present on Friday, June 3, 2022, for a volunteer panel presentation and Q&A

Areas of Funding:

  • Assistance to households (food, utilities, and other needs)
  • Education
  • Employment/workforce training
  • Health and social determinants of health
  • Housing/shelter
  • Other strategies that provide opportunities for disadvantaged groups

Scoring Criteria:

  • Population Served (census tract, income level, disproportionate impact, pandemic relief. Residents of low-income neighborhoods, minorities, disconnected youth, the unemployed, formerly incarcerated people, veterans, LGBTQ, and people with disabilities)
  • Financial hardship demonstrated
  • Organizational capacity and ability to utilize awarded dollars
  • Program Outcomes


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