All About Education


Education reduces poverty, boosts economic growth and increases income. It is one of the most important investments any country. major city, or county can ever make. 

Building a bridge between educational institutions and struggling students is A LOT of work. 


Starting early gets you ahead

We realize that if we want to build leaders of the next generation we have to start as soon as possible! 

With the help of Robeson County Partnership for Children, Inc, they are able to  provide activities and resources to all children from birth up to 5 years of age. The exploration station gives you hands on learning experiences to ensure readiness for kids that will be attending pre-school. 


Changing the outcome (2018)

14,533 Youth increased their knowledge in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

7,272 Young people participated in character & leadership development programs designed to help them excel in school and life.

269 children engaged  in creative, diverse and educational experiences  through play.

15,711 Students whose progress was impeded by their social and/or academic skills received targeted, in school supporters. 


2018 SAT Results in Robeson County

The average SAT score 1030 for High School Juniors in Robeson County

Based on the academic grade skill that translates into a C- when taking the SAT or the ACT

25% Proficient in reading ability

25% Proficient in math. 


A good education leads to fantastic opportunties and new discoveries

We all know that we have to work together in order to achieve massive results. That even means getting classmates to use their brains to work together. 

As partners we support the Communities in Schools of Robeson County for creating a healthy work environment for students to stay in school and achieve greater things in life. 

By making the the high school dropout rate a focul point for our efforts, we address childrens unmet needs and surround them around positive people that will surely give them encouragment.  Making sure there are no barriers to learning is the cornerstone of the community we live in. 

Here at the United Way of Robeson County, we are committed to giving you the opportunity to advance in education and do our best to get you to the right place so you can focus on whats important rather than the things happening on the outside.